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Plaglas (Polycarbonate)

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[Taekwang New Tec Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

PLAGLAS is our Brand Name of the Polycarbonate Products(Roll and Sheet type)

Polycarbonate sheet is much lighter than glass or acrylics, and stronger than glass 250 times, and 50 times than acrylics. It has excellent optical clarity, is easily of formed and fabricated and is extremely strong and durable.

In addition, polycarbonate sheet is very flexible which makes it an excellent choice for barrel vault roofing, covered walkways etc., as it can be installed cold bent on site. The usage of PLAGLAS is various and the quality if being proved by our Customers all over the world.


  • Toughness-high impact strength
  • Transparency - water clear
  • Ability to transmit and reflect light
  • Low Flammability - resistance to high temperatures
  • Good mechanical properties
  • High acoustic and electrical insulation
  • Exceptionally long life
  • Easy of use and processing

Main Application

Our PLAGLAS sheet is a versatile plastic sheet, which has a wide range of applications as follows:
signboard, Impact resistance covers, Safety and security glazing, Canopy-barrel vault roofing, Machine guarding, Balcony cladding, Sound proof walls, Vehicle instrument board